Saturday, August 2, 2014

Middle Ages in Oberursel

These three people gave us directions and were kind and talked with us everytime we saw them.

This is where we went today: back in time to the middle ages.

  And, unlike the RenFairs and SCA events in the US, they ACTUALLY LIVED THE MIDDLE AGES HERE IN GERMANY!!! 

People REALLY get into this: 8 to 12 men in full armor; battles with real swords.

 50 or more families with medieval tents that they are living in this weekend (and probably a lot more).  One family brought their kitchen GARDEN with them!


One man had 4 hunting hawks and an eagle; two other families walked around with owls. 

A nice trebuchet and crossbow. A foot powered wood lathe. The forge was just being constructed, about 5 hours behind schedule.

  There was a group of twenty dancers in full costume and NO ONE was under 40 years old!  

Lots of madrigal groups and interesting instruments

Toddlers in full costume including wooden shoes.

Fun things for the kids to do

 A whole bunch of bagpipes and Celts in kilts: the Celts lived only about 15 k north of here.

 There were a few interlopers: 

some LOTR characters,

 a couple of Saracens, 

one Miss Oberursel in her German dirndl. 

The work on some of the costumes was amazing: the master of ceremonies had an appliquéd tabard that was really well done. 

And most of them HAD THE RIGHT SHOES!!  Handmade, turned up toes or strips of leather wrapped up around the foot, carved wood or beautiful boots.  So much more authentic than Adidas.
One merchant's booth was a portable CHURCH, complete with buttresses
Lovely things for sale: lots of jewelry, armor, costumes, fabric, toys and handspun dyed yarns.

This (below) is the entertaining way that Google Translate interpreted the schedule: We were glad to have a copy in English of any sort.

marxstraße 28, 61440 Oberursel (Taunus), Germany     On Saturday, the 2.8.:
11 clock                Inlet       The market opens its doors        
11:30 clock          Ökomenischer worship Showgrounds
12am     Feyerliche market opening          Stage    subsequently     Minstrels: thunderbolt  Stage
13 clock                Gaukeleyen Forzarello  Stage
13 clock                History in Wonderland tent "The Stone Soup"    Fairytale tent
13:30 clock          Games People: Viesematente   Stage

14 clock                Battle-of Cratzer              Showgrounds
14:30 clock          The Reifenberger dance Härmleins          Stage
15 clock                Medieval buhurt: three-way battle of the Poor Knights Showgrounds

15 clock                Minstrels: thunderbolt  Stage
15:30 clock          Tournament for the little knight for active kids and parents          Showgrounds
16 clock                Kamishibai-narrative theater      Fairytale tent
16:30 clock          Birds of Prey Show / steppe horse riding               Showgrounds
17 clock                Minstrels: Viesematenten           Stage
17 clock                Demonstration Ronneburger fencing school       Tunierplatz
17:30 clock          Medieval dance                Stage
17:30 clock          Story of the "knight with the iron hand"                Fairytale tent

18 clock                Minstrels: thunderbolt  Stage
18 clock                Battle-of Cratzer              Showgrounds
18:30 clock          Gaukeleyen Forzarello  Stage
19 clock                Birds of Prey Show / steppe horse riding               Showgrounds
19:30 clock          Minstrels: Viesematenten           Stage
19:30 clock          Gescichte the "merchant and the parrot"             Fairytale tent
20 clock                Children fire show for the younger visitors           Showgrounds
20:30 clock          Award ceremony of the tournaments    Stage

21 clock                Bronze casting: sword    at the showgrounds
21 clock                Minstrels: All      Stage
22 clock                Fire Show            Showgrounds
22:30 clock          Tavern evening with music          Stage
24 clock                Market at the end   

Here are the distributors that await you!  (I included the list of merchants as some have websites. . . Enjoy)

The Cathedrale    church
Built in the year of our Lord anno 2004, guided you back brother Roy with his holy refuge in the early epoch of the Gothic. With five meters high and seven meters in length, the stall is like a church in the Gothic style. Come in! Inside it was granted to you in this place to buy a variety of things: indulgences, curses, memorabilia, relics, Madonnas, crosses, walking sticks, Gargoyles, rosaries, mirrors, jewelry, oil lamps, lanterns or lucky bags and much more ...

The Dattelschlepper    A still from the Far East with all sorts of delicacies for the palate. With dried fruit, nuts and the finest desserts, customers are surprised at us and stopped to enjoy! In oriental ambience everyone can indulge in the pleasure and shop to your heart's content and taste.

Traumholzerey    Here the most beautiful jewelry is presented in precious root wood, an impression of the different art and jewelry they receive under

Lacaseacouture    We have specialized in linen, hemp and silk products and accessories, such as historical buckles, buttons, rivets and more. Our Garments are from our own production. Belts are manufactured directly by the state to measure.

The soap maker   Seyd greeted. We offer you the finest handmade Seiflein from all kinds of vegetable oils and herbs. Soaps for high men for shaving as well as scented soaps for noble ladies. Let yourself be tempted by scents from the Orient. Enjoy the maintenance of milk soaps and bath additives finest. Our Seiflein are made in our soap making own recipes. After a maturing process of several weeks they are packed in the finest papers and offered you to purchase.

The Wasserguillotine  (this was a dunking booth)   2010, a time in the Queen Merkel the country, paid by large donations, ruled black and yellow flags, but has long been nothing to laugh at the poor battered by the euro people. But it is also the time when the Holy Inquisition is turned upside down. Because it is directed not with fire, but with ice-cold water, and those who know their sins, should beware. Because it could Sien that brings him the executioner on the Wasserguillotine.

FilzMania      From FilzMania hand felted trinkets such as toys for cats fool, balls for children, magic jar; and useful information such as bags, and hats of all kinds For more information

The garment Castle   The garment castle, hand crafted traditional costumes and headgear to measure. Spätgothik, Renaissance and other eras request.Haus design depends on histor.Vorlagen and according to customer requirements .... something special
The Armoury    "If there is something that stands today in the minds of most people of the Middle Ages simply, it is without question the legendary figure of the knight and his main tool, the sword. How did it come to this situation, West Coast can be located on the historic weapons state of the company from Offenbach "up close" empathize: From the Migration Period of the weapons of the Franks, Saxons and Vikings types date back to the late period of the mercenaries, and even the Baroque, and reflect in their very different appearance to the changing conditions of the forging as the use as a weapon in battle and in the army. More still

Sarwuerkerey Berengar     SA3One can witness the emergence of chain braid up close and also like to try the lotion chain hoods. Apart from Allerley chainmail can be found in our jewelry and leather accessories. In addition, the Sarwuerkerey Berengar is now known for their "attire for the mob and the grippy 'Weyb". Here Frouwe can try and replace as long until she found YOUR dress.

Gothic time glass     Glas3Greetings, what can I say, "Who did not find anything here that does not find anything more." (Statement of a customer in Waiblingen). Blown glasses made ​​from old excavations from the 1st century AD. Cups, mugs, Romans, carafes, and much more tasty for those dished panel, for special occasions or just in everyday life, these glasses are best filled on the table. Handmade glass jewelery in abundance of bracelet to necklace on earrings, necklaces, pendants and much more.

Sir Long Pepper     Spices from around the world

The Fragrance Factory    A Sälblein here, a little water there; what the Middle Ages would be without their wives herbs  and their knowledge. For years, the fragrance factory Wiegner is the hidden secrets of the wise women on the trail. Ointments, oils, and other spices, as the incense from distant lands, you bear more into a bygone era.

The Middle Ages carts     Medieval market traders / shopkeepers for battlefield needs, kitchen accessories and more, special requests can be taken into account. Always there is the Rüstflickerey, small repairs on armor are executed locally.

Ars et Libris    The bookbinder selleth allelei things, not just about books and calligraphy. You can watch how step by step, a book produced according to historical specifications, such as in the chain bond, single bond or French binding. They can also try any Kalligraphieschreibfeder or an elegant glass nib. There are also all sorts of other things around books and Celts.

In addition:   - Lion Heart Jewelry - The herb witch - Corvus Magicus - ornamental work and play work - customer name  - Beekeeping Uwe Hoyer - berry wines - Sheepskin Krämer - Tuchändler - incense Tyr - Korbmacher