Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Humanitarian Videos

One of the couples that we worked with in Romania, Elder and Sister Dodge, sent us these links to some new church videos about the Humanitarian work they have been doing.  You will see the Dodges a couple of times in the videos.  You will also get a good sense of the needs of the various organizations we have partnered with.

In his email to us, Elder Martin Dodge wrote this: "They  [the videos] tell their story much better than we are able to, so I have recorded below the links to these.  We think there may be one or two more in the future, but are not sure.  The last four all deal with aspects of a charity called “Hope for Health” who have worked with those affected by HIV/AIDS for over 20 years, each with a bit of a different perspective. 

These only refer to a few of our partners in Romania.  There are many more we worked with who are equally giving and needed.  There is so much need there, but fortunately there are wonderful caring people to help meet some of that need.  We feel privileged to partner with so many great organizations who are working to help those in need.

If you go to , you will find a whole video library of LDS Humanitarian work worldwide