Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last Evening in Bosnia

On our last night in Bosnia, we drove out to the big lake west of Tuzla in Lukovac: Modračko jezero. To get there you had to pass the electric generating plant (not nuclear).

There we ate at a hotel restaurant almost alone because we were there before sunset in the middle of Ramadan.  The flowerboxes were a riot of colors. 

At anchor in the lake was a great pirate ship. 

Locals out fishing in an interestingly shaped boat.

 I had Bey’s chowder - served with a cornmeal muffin, pita and creamy cheese - and chicken with a lovely cream cheese sauce over braised zucchini. Have I mentioned that aI like the cream cheese? No idea what was in the red paste sauce but it was wonderful. (actually, I just looked it up and it's called ajvar and it's made of eggplant, roasted red peppers, garlic and olive oil.)

 Randy got the traditional Cevapcici (or cevaps : casing-less sausages) on flatbread with onions. 

And Elder Winters got shopska salad and goulash stew baked in a clay oven. I found out that the cheese on shopska is sirene (white brine cheese). This is from Wikipedia: "Shopska salad derives its name from the region called Shopluk. It is a product of early socialism in Bulgaria, the only survivor of 5-6 recipes, written in the late 1950s, whose aim was to impress the foreigners to visit the country. At the time, leading chefs from Balkanturist invented Dobrujan,Macedonian, Thracian and several other salads with similar names, which were associated with different ethnographical regions. It turns out that only the Shopska salad survived because its unique combination of flavors."

Back in Tuzla we joined the rest of the citizenry in the town square, all out for a holy day stroll and meal after sunset.

Full moon in the middle of Ramadan


Statues of Meša Selimović and Ismet Mujezinović, a poet and a painter

   We met the Elders and bought them some gelato.

A photo of the Orthodox church at night 

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