Friday, October 14, 2016

Rebstock Lounge Project

The “Rebstock Lounge” Project

06 Oct 2016
Published for Europe

Recently, a group of Senior Missionary Sisters completed the cushions and pillows for the “Rebstock Lounge”, a gathering room in a vacant tent at Rebstock, in Frankfurt, Germany.

They were asked by the refugee camp director, Nicole Ludwig, and Trisha Leimer, a volunteer and member of the Frankfurt Ward, to sew and complete six cushion covers and twenty-nine pillows. Sister Diane Hacking purchased twenty-seven yards of fabric, twent-nine pillow forms, sixteen ready-made pillow covers, and four navy-blue throws to do the project. Sister Hacking made the cushion covers and Sister Marlene Matheson sewed seven Euro-sham pillow covers. With the help of several refugee women and many children, eight senior sister missionaries gathered at Rebstock to stuff pillows and cushions, then stitch everything closed.

The refugee women were able to use sewing machines to learn how and to make six of the pillows. Elias, a construction worker and refugee himself who has been in Germany for a year, worked with Adolf Lersch and Elder Randy Stay and other men in the camp, to build, sand, and paint the wood pallet furniture. The room will be complete with decorative rugs, a television, and other comforts.

The refugees from many countries are enjoying the relaxing and socializing together in this fun, welcoming space.

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